Leak Detection Large Diameter Pipes

The inspection of underground pipes for leakage using traditional methods is carried out from the surface, meaning that extraneous sounds such as traffic noise, can ‘overlap’ with the sound caused by water leaks. These traditional methods are ineffective in large diameter networks. These networks tend to be deeper, with fewer elements and greater distances between them, thereby hindering that task of recording sounds. Moreover, the sound originating from the leak be­comes diluted in a matter of very few metres, due to the structure and volume of a large-diameter pipeline. All this makes it practically impossible to locate leaks successfully with traditional methods.

The Nautilus system is an effective, innovative solution for leak detection in large diameter water pipelines. It consists of a sphere of minimum di­mensions 60mm, which is inserted into the water distribution system and is carried internally by the water. When the sphere is extracted, the data collected is sent to a software program for processing by means of a mathematical algorithm and the loca­tion of such anomalies is indicated by means of GPS.

  • Nautilus recordings are not dependent on the distance from the surface.
  • All leaks can be detected in one single inspection, no matter how close they are together
  • Continuous recording ensures all leaks/anomalies are located along the entire section of inspected pipeline
  • The Nautilus sphere travels along the centre of the pipe, allowing for maximum speed of movement and a path with no obstacles
Nautilus Synchro