DETECTION SERVICES – Water Loss Management

Detection Services is a specialised pipeline inspection and water loss management company focusing on the areas of leak detection, valve management, pipeline condition assessment (incl. p-CATTM), trunk main leak detection, pump efficiency, transient monitoring, pressure and flow logging, permanent monitoring, NDT testing and ROV reservoir inspections.

Established in 1991, we are proud to be at the forefront of developing, sourcing and delivering better ways of managing our water resources. Our success is grounded in offering our customers high quality results, measurable outcomes and long-term value.

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“The worth of water is only realised when the well is dry”

Benjamin Franklin
Locating Leaks in WarrnamboolFerguson St leak 6L per min Wannon Water Graph V2 Detection Services Victorian based team has been working in partnership with Wannon Water to help them […]

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Choosing the Right TechnologyWhich Tech is Right 10 Our fabulous team here at Detection Services has put together a table outlining the fifteen different […]

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Condition Assessment BreakthroughpCAT with pipe image inserted V2 p-CAT™ is the only condition assessment technology to-date which can determine remaining wall thickness of 0.2mm […]

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