Condition Assessment Leak Location System

Leak detection is a critical element of condition assessment for all water utilities and asset managers. Accurate leak detection technology and techniques provide an economical and reliable response to minimise damage to the pipeline and assist with non-revenue water (NRW) loss.

inSCAN® is a sophisticated approach to internal, under pressure, long range leak detection and condition assessment for large diameter pipelines. It is specially designed to overcome the common difficulties that are associated with detecting leaks and ascertaining pipeline condition on large diameter pipes. The inSCAN® unit operates on a tether that enters the water or wastewater main through a 50mm/2” or larger tapping or valve under normal system operation and pressure, with no disruption to supply. The inSCAN® sensor is carried with the flow of water, testing the integrity of the pipeline. The resulting data gathered allows for the detection of the smallest of leaks in all mains diameters (from 300mm and above) as well as in all pipe materials. It is a fully computer and SCADA controlled system, with complete operational and safety management integration.

  • Reduce non-revenue water (NRW) loss
  • Locate the very smallest of leaks, blockages and debris
  • Locate trapped gas pockets (to prevent corrosion)
  • Minimise liability and damage claims by testing critical mains
  • Inspect pumped and siphoned wastewater mains while in service, no disruptions
  • Reduce pumping costs by detecting air pockets in pumped mains (both potable and wastewater)
  • Minimise catastrophic mains failures by detecting small leaks before they become larger or fail