Monitoring Water Flow

The demand for monitoring waterflow is increasing and key to managing valuable resources and maximising reliability for customers. Increased population, environmental changes and water scarcity has increased the demand to ensure minimal losses from the network.

Invenio technology is innovating the way water is managed. The Stop.Watch system can account for where the water is being delivered, how much of the flow is due to usage, internal plumbing loss, external supply pipe leakage and leakage on the network.

The Stop.Watch survey method is ideal for consumption meter areas (CMA’s) to understand consumption levels and district meter areas (DMA’s) to understand the cause of high night flow. The Stop.Watch Light process uses sensors and loggers to collect and automatically analyse data to identify whether there is a flow occurring in a single visit to each stop-tap to locate customer side leaks as part of a leakage reduction program and prioritise repairs by flow rate.

Data Watch is a secure cloud-based database, which holds both raw data from loggers and sensors as well as processed data. Password control is used to provide secure, remote access for staff and registered customers.

  • Water accounting in DMA’s and CMA’s
  • Prioritise leaks for repair by flow rate
  • Identify unknown connections and water usage
  • Locate and detail water loss, estimate flow rates
  • Improve water efficiency — identify customer side leaks