Asset Monitoring

Asset monitoring is aimed at achieving organisational long-term goals and effectiveness through alignment of the infrastructure assets to meet the changing environment and customer’s needs.

Monitoring of critical pipelines provides an advanced early warning system to evaluate the operating conditions of the pipeline network and minimise disruption to supply. Monitoring can be immediate (real time) or daily depending on critical evaluation.

Customised programs and technologies are combined for a solution tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. This allows for early warning of risks such as leaks, corrosion, acoustic distortion, flow variations and pressure changes along the full extent of your pipeline. It minimises potential threats such as a catastrophic mains failure.

Data quality, consistency, accuracy and timely delivery are paramount to a successful project and we use only the highest resolution monitoring equipment available. Our asset monitoring system and technologies allows for optimising risk management, resources, production efficiency and is a vital component in pipeline asset management.

Our services are designed to address the lifecycle of resource and infrastructure assets and include:

  • PMA/DMA validation
  • Energy efficiency monitoring
  • Transient pressure management
  • PRV installations and monitoring
  • Valve exercising and monitoring
  • Geospacial positioning – GNSS GPS
  • Reservoir level and SCADA monitoring
  • Infiltration and Inflow investigations and analysis
  • Acoustic, pressure and flow change data analysis
  • Field data collection for hydraulic model calibration
  • Monitoring real time (24/7) or daily monitoring
  • Geospatial artificial intelligence for network prioritisation
  • Customised programs and technologies including leak detection
  • Data interpretation, establishing system profiles and alarm thresholds
  • In situ meter verification to determine accurate flow demand and profile