Wastewater Management

Wastewater utilities are faced with the challenge of how to effectively manage pipelines and assets while providing safe and reliable services to their customers. To provide that sustainable service a range of solutions and technologies are available to determine lifecycle, monitor, inspect, maintain and also to predict future events and mitigate risk.

Our condition assessment program is used to understand the performance of wastewater pipelines, improve operations, maintenance efficiencies and incorporates assessments of performance undertaken at both asset specific and system levels. Our risk assessment assists utilities by determining the probability and magnitude of an adverse effect as well as the environmental and economic consequences. This is particularly useful to evaluate alternatives and the most effective actions.

We use a range of technologies to inspect wastewater networks and to assist asset owners to understand how pipeline conditions change. Closed circuit television video (CCTV) provides a detailed view of the interior surface of the pipeline including material and density changes and defects such as cracks, corrosion and leakage. Rapid imaging and data collection to give insight into pipe wall thickness, changes in pipe shape, sediment build-up, pumps and blockages. Inspections include inflow and infiltration (I&I) and flow data analysis through to pollution and industrial monitoring.

We have the solutions and technologies to help our customers to implement the most appropriate inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation solutions for wastewater pipelines and networks.

  • Pipeline condition assessment
  • Sonar, Laser profiling, CCTV surveys
  • Pressure and flow change data analysis
  • Monitoring real time (24/7) or daily monitoring
  • Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) investigations and analysis
  • Pipe wall thickness and remaining strength calculations
  • Location of internal blockages and debris within the pipeline
  • Location of defects— corrosion, cracks, and sediment build-up
  • Customised programs and technologies including leak detection
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