Acoustic Leakage Condition Assessment

Detecting and locating leaks on critical large diameter pipelines can be particularly challenging. These pipelines are usually an essential supply of water for a large number of customers. They are often constructed of different materials to those in distribution networks, laid across open terrain or are not readily accessible. It is not cost effective to shut down supply to search for suspected leaks and when a critical pipe fails it comes with a high financial and environmental cost. Locating and identifying leaks allows utilities to prioritise repairs and avoid unnecessary service disruptions and expenditure. Compiling this information is also important when estimating the remaining useful life of the pipeline.

a-CAT™ is a leak correlation detection system that can be used on large diameter water and rising mains, trunk or transmission mains. The a-CAT™ technology provides one of the lowest signal to noise ratios, together with advanced accelerometers and hydrophone design that’s been specifically built to enhance, capture and process low frequency leak noise. The combination of these features when applied by skilled and trained technicians, results in the ability to provide high quality acoustic leak detection analysis on large diameter mains. Using a-CAT™, Detection Services delivers leading edge technology, methods, processing, analysis and technical skills needed for undertaking effective leak correlation detection on large diameter water and rising mains, trunk or transmission mains.

  • Lowest signal to noise ratio
  • Multiple frequency data analysis scans
  • Minimise catastrophic mains failures
  • Reduction of non-revenue water (NRW)
  • No disruption to service or shutdown of supply
  • Advanced accelerometer and hydrophone designs
  • Completion of over 600kms of trunk main leak detection surveys completed