Geospatial Technology

As demand on water infrastructure increases, we must look to new technologies to meet changing customer needs. Geospatial technology is an essential tool to safeguard pipeline integrity, allowing for acquisition, interpretation and analysis of information for intelligent management of pipeline infrastructure systems. Our solutions deliver geospatial knowledge that enables asset managers to ensure value for money in terms of whole life cost, safety and durability of their assets. It allows for a risk-based approach to evaluate capability, improve performance and balance reactive demands versus proactive development. Using the sophisticated analysis of satellite derived Earth Observation imagery and geospatial data, Rezatec technology supports decision making in relation to the management of water from source to tap. Unique analytics and insights can be used to improve the management of catchments by understanding how land use impacts water quality and to optimise investment and planning for water networks by analysing the risk of pipeline failure.

Rezatec’s Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for water network operators combines remote sensing and data science to identify the conditions under which network failures occur and to quantify the ‘Likelihood of Failure’ across the network. By identifying which sections of the network have a higher likelihood of failure, network operators can concentrate their monitoring assessment programs on those high-risk areas. This highly targeted approach identifies hotspots of terrain movement and soil saturations that indicate pipeline leakage or risk. It can drill down on high risk areas for early detection of possible leakage over wide areas that cannot be covered by ground based observation or sensor networks. Analytics are presented as data layers in easy to understand maps, graphics and alerts, with additional geospatial datasets able to be incorporated into the analysis to further mitigate high consequence risks and advance general knowledge and understanding of the network. Rezatec’s technology for pipeline risk monitoring allows for strategic decisions based on accurate intelligence to ensure sustainable, effective asset management.

  • Predict likely pipeline leaks over large areas
  • Provides early warning of locations at risk of failure
  • Identifies ‘hotspots’ and enables efficient maintenance and pre-emptive repairs
  • Increase profitability by reducing costs and deploying resources more effectively